Titel: Bilingual Geography Experience - Finding sustainable development strategies for Sylt, Germany  
Klassenstufe(n): 8 bis 13
Beschreibung: DAY 1: What has been done so far on the island? A survey of past and present sustainable development strategies/ What are past, present and future sustainable development strategies in other coastal areas? A comparison with coastal areas on a regional, national and global basis
DAY 2: What should be done to improve sustainable development on Sylt? A theoretical approach to setting up sustainable development criteria for the island./ What can actually be done to improve sustainable development on Sylt? A practical approach to showing citizens and current leaders of politics, the economy and the environment how to take action
Kosten: 20 €
Termin:   9:00  -  17:00  Uhr
Beginn - Ende:   25. 01. 2020  -  26. 01. 2020
Laufzeit:   Wochenendkurs 
Stützpunktschule:   Schulzentrum Sylt, Gymnasium mit Gemeinschaftsschulteil des Schulverbandes Sylt
Tonderner Straße 12
25980 Sylt
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